The Voice Whisper's*

When all earthly props have been broken under us as reeds,
Or pierced us as daggers,
How divine a rest does the sinking soul find in the arms of the Mother
of all creation’s Mercy ?

Sanctuary !

Manannan Mac Lyr
Sheild me from world that prey
I come in complete awareness
And in harmony with the three realms
Watch over me as i travel the mists
keep me from harm as i travel the inbetween.
Grant me, oh manannan,
The gift of knowledge from the well which is yours to protect,
From which the five rivers flow,
into which the nuts of knowledge drop,
Into which swim the salmon
of knowledge.



Sanctuary !

The voice whispers,

Manannan Mac Lyr

Sheild me from world that prey
Dweller’s of the abyss
( Chao Magicians )
Into the mist,
A Soul tainted by betrayals,
Thorns beyond strife,
Bleeding heart yearns in scar’s,
In eerie stillness of blackened night,
Blanketing lamented plumage light,
Formless and vanquished
Fears of shadows ,
Around the aching soul,
Through Shrouded Veil’s,
Tear’s decend mourning torn asunder,
In cascades of endless mists,
Kneeling in eerie silence,
Turbulent in flesh & spirit,
Binding the soul down to earth,
The voice whisper’s,
Manannan Mac Lyr !
Grant passage to thy world,
Above the earth a far,
With me the fields of air to roam,
curtained with clouds of every hue.

“A star shed down it’s silvery light,
On pearly couch in heaven that night;
By it’s beam serene and clear,
Knew that the spirit, loved was near,
oh !
For the gleam of cheering ray,
To drive earth’s dark’ning shades away.

As !
The voice whispers,
Manannan Mac Lyr Lord of the mist
Keeper of the gate.

Long from this darksome world to fly,
To my home beyond azure sky,
As i watch it’s star’s,A soul stained,
to fling from heart the earth-fiend’s chain,
but its hatred links must clasp the round,
Till mightier will than his be found.

to continue... re worked in area's ..!!