Sacrifice Of Principle.*


“The child of impulse sacrifices the one absorbing affection from the soul,
To a principle, a principle brought from doubtful shadowy realms of spirits,”

Amid your starry gaze ,
There is such a touching tender entreaty,
You invade those gentle quiet cares that softens freedom,
Whose living spirit is that of love?
Wrapped in the white veil of the novice,
You’ve breathed life into the beams of its sun,
Marking the lover’s devotion,
“Oh how you’ve stolen into this ardent heart of impulse,”
Concealed in this shadowy groove,
Years of dark wandering in the land of shadows,
This lonely soul slumbered in realms of spirits,
Seeking each conquering breath,
Terrified by the wilderness,
Year's of misbelief.

Wandering this lonely exile,
Seeking only the grave,
Struggling with floods of sorrow,
Which swept away affection?
Seeing only dark rushing waters,
Beneath the many painted ripples,
But how your heart springs light,
That floats upon streams of time uncursed,
Our sad gift is a sacrifice of principle,
Absorbing affection from the soul,
Unconscious delusions,
To which devotion is cursed to give birth,
Amongst the mystical powers, which hold us,
But does,
Frailty entwine,
Sadness and joy,
Oh !
How we conversed with living spirit's,
Beauty and goodness mingled in depths of delight,
You came from scenes of mirth,
Worshipping at the shrine reserved only for Gods.

Our life sweeps by ,
Bearing to each hearts burden's sorrow,
From this gloomy cell,
mwe’ve known the argosy of joy.

Nicola Turner.

Cosmos & Chao's.