Power Of Light

Since a small child the fascination of light and its source has intrigued me, From the photon of Quantum energy to the smallest light pocket the atom and dualistic nature of light.
The beautiful rays that create the spectrum , The reflections upon water, creating a mirror image. the visual colours of Nature, To watching light penetrate the water droplet.
Is it any wonder photography became my main interest, Along with the work of art movements of the "Romantic Period, Turner, & those enthused & inspired by his works ,The French Impressionist, Claude Monte, Renoir,Cezanne.".

Article from National Geographic. " The Power Of Light" Inspiration of many photographers and Quantum light specialist.
Gives an indepth review and thesis of light.
An enjoyable read.


How Light works, Basic physic's


To continue to read on light and its power

Galileo and Einstein Home Page


"We're having marvellous weather and I wish I could send you a little of the sunshine. I am slaving away on six paintings a day. I'm giving myself a hard time over it as I hav'nt yet managed to capture the colour of this landscape, there are moments when I'm appalled at the colours I'm having to use, I'm afraid what I'm doing is just dreadful and yet I really am understating it; the light is simply terrifying".. from the French Impressionist of the day fascinated by light....