On The Trail of Japans Haiku Master .

It is said that each generation produces a Shakespeare. If this is so then in a small province of Japan, Shakespears equivalent must have been the "Zen Master and Haiku Poet himself" Matsuo Basho" and acclaimed by many a Scholar in the Art since.
Not only a Zen Buddhist master but a master in the essence of nature, which clearly is shown in the beauty of his works.
For me Haiku attitude is an expression of the aesthetic experience and I try to make it co-exist within some of my nature/wildlife compositions when composing a piece, as much as possible.
By this l mean becoming submerged in the object taking also the observer on a journey until no awareness of him/herself as separate from what he See's or hears, From what he is experiencing exist, Just the purity of contemplations the object. The consciousness is completely unified and the me as the photographer/ artist/poet, Plus observer nature and environment are one.
A method Coleridge Often used in his own observations and writing and expressed clearly in his works with passion, and used the Phrase " A coalescence of subject and object" into one.

Think of the delight when reading this months National Geographic magazine, Reading the main feature, That being of the Zen master and haiku poet Basho himself.
It's a very inspiring read , plus the inspirational works of art/photography when following the Haiku masters very footsteps, And encouraging to see professional photographers using the inspirations, And encouraging to amateur's like my self..
Follow the link to National Geographic website and read the Article.