Destiny *


“When will the discords of earthly existence be harmonised, beauty and grace become as they were in paradise, the visible expression of the spirit of purity and loveliness?


Poor blind,
Hoodwinked by own reason,
The physical world we adore,
Joyfully avail us of unchanging law,
Unerring perception,
Unwavering adoration establish regulation,
Within the convinced honourable core,
But oh,
How our passions rise up in opposition existence form,
True social beings weave not alone,
Tissues of lives intertwine and bemoan,
Threads of fortunes nurture decadent pleasures,
Nameless considerations increase And diminish into measures
Control the nature inherits its decree,
Attending to conventionalities heirs and addressees,
Difficulties interweave in attendance of our settlements to act,
By strange perversions our mind interacts,
But how!
These truths pilot to hedonistic passives
Increasing the sphere of responsible progressives,
Legitimate consequences supplement enthuses persistent endeavour.

Nicola Turner.